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October 28, 2008
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A list of 14 vidya & 64 Kala. Reference >Book: Bharatiya Sanskruti Darshan Trust- parichay- 14 Vidya - consisting of 4 Ved, 4 Upved, 6 Vedange. 4 Ved : Rugved SamVed Yajurved Atharvaved 4 UpVed: ArthaShastra Dhanurved GandharvVed Ayurved 6 Vedange: Shiksha Kalpa Vyakaran Nirukta Chanda Jyotish 64 Kala : (In original names there is no space in words, but for easy reading added it.) Geet Vadya Nrutya Natya Aalekh - (Chitra kala) Vishesh Kacchedya tandul kusumavali vikarRead More

October 14, 2008
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Rohini Bhate passes away An extraordinary journey from Bharatanatyam to Kathak Dancer, teacher, scholar Rohini Bhate Veteran Kathak dancer-guru Rohini Bhate died in Pune on Friday after a prolonged illness. She was 84. Born in Patna in 1924, Rohini Bhate was among the senior most Kathak exponents of the country and a Fellow of Sangeet Natak Akademi. Initially trained in Bharatanatyam under Guru Parvati Kumar, she later specialised in Kathak under the guidance of Pandit Lacchu Maharaj andRead More


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